Best Wood Fired Pizza in Melbourne


SATURDAY 8TH November 2014


Pizza Party Hire is attending the Melton City Council run event:  Djerriwarrh Festival.

This is a free community event with a range of free activities and entertainment for children, teenagers and adults.   There are also amusement and carnival rides available with tickets purchased on the day.

Finishing the festival at 10pm is the spectacular fireworks display – with the best viewing from the Main Stage Area.  However prior to that they have a massive entertainment timetable set up. There is the Pierce Brothers at 7pm, Ella Hooper at 8pm and the Ms Murphy Band play from 9pm until the fireworks finale.

This year the theme for Djerriwarrh is Spring Time, Fun Time! And the perfect day to have this is Saturday 8th November – so come along from 11am when the street parade starts and stay until the final at 10pm.  Check out all the details on Facebook

Wikipedia defines pizza as an oven-baked flat bread, generally topped with tomato sauce and cheese and supplemented with condiments, vegetables and meats.  From it’s origins (the term appears to be used for the first time in 997AD, in a southern Italian town of Gaeta) pizza – with it’s many different styles and flavours, is now popular in most areas of the world.

It is thought to have arrived in Australia early in the 19th Century – with people making their own at home, but it was not until after WWII that the first pizza shops opened.  Pizza has come a long way since the original Pizza Hut and Domino’s days – and now there is a pizza shop in most suburban areas.  Mobile Pizza is the next innovative thing and Pizza Party Hire – although not the original mobile wood fired pizza trailer out there, is one of the most innovative ones in Victoria.  We cover events, festivals and parties all over Victoria.  Recently our guests told us we were the best wood fired pizza in Melbourne.  Although we don’t know that for sure, we certainly appreciated their comments.

On Saturday 8th November, Pizza Party Hire will be one of the many food vendors celebrating the Djerriwarrh Festival.  Come along and share in the celebrations, and have a pizza while you are there!

best wood fired pizza in melbourne