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PPH Booking Details Form
We will arrive approximately 30-60 minutes prior to this time, to set up
We require a FLAT parking space of around 5m by 3m for the trailer unit. The trailer cannot be set up on slopping ground (please send us an image of your potential location if there is a slope or sloped access). We access our oven from the back of the trailer. We require a compact parking surface (wet grass/paddocks or sand is not suitable) as our trailers weigh 1500kg. Trailer height, including flue 1.95m (they are designed to be able to fit through garages, and under carports). OR we have our Pizza Trucks These also require flat parking space - but we need 5m by 4m area to set up in. The Pizza Trucks need a height clearance of 3.4m and we require access to power. Our trucks weigh 4.5 tonne so we need compact ground to drive in on / set up on. PLEASE advise if you would prefer the trailer unit. Please also advise if your access / driveway is unsealed.
Please indicate if required